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Our History

Full Service Consulting Firm

ICORE assists ILECs and other carriers with the many challenges and opportunities of today’s increasingly complex telecommunications industry. We provide a variety of services that help our clients maximize their revenues, while navigating a sea of regulatory, financial and business issues.

From Average Schedule Settlements, Cost Separations Studies and Comprehensive Revenue Reviews, which we have performed from our beginning, ICORE has evolved into a full-service consulting firm. We perform Carrier Access and End User Billing Services, Tariff Development and Filing, CLEC Planning and Implementation, FCC Reporting, Service Order Administration, Number Porting and Coding Functions, NECA and IXC Liaison, and a host of other related services.
We have extensive experience with drafting Interconnection Agreements and the other contracts and agreements that are becoming increasingly important in our industry. Carefully written documents with favorable terms, conditions, rates and charges are critical to every companies’ operations and financial health. We assure that you will be the beneficiary of such agreements.

Our people have a wide variety of experience, knowledge and skills, gained from working for Independent Telephone Companies (ILECs), AT&T, National and State Telephone Associations, and NECA.

We specialize not only in a large array of consulting, financial, regulatory, business and network services, but innovative ideas and specialized solutions to solve our clients’ problems and increase their revenues. With our extensive industry experience, we can assist every company in this fast-moving and ever-changing telecommunications environment.