The Power

To Connect

Since our start in 1985, ICORE has grown into a nationwide, multi-faceted consultant agency, providing a variety of functions to a wide range of carriers. We stand ready to assist you with all of your telecommunications needs.

Billing Services

(CABS/End User)

We are more efficient, more accurate, and more economical than industry standards.

FCC Reporting


& Compliance

ICORE can perform many of the extensive FCC reporting that is required under the current FCC rules and procedures.




Whether you are a Legacy Support company or Model-Based Support company, ICORE is here to help.


And Other


ICORE has assisted many clients with Interconnection issues, including Intercarrier Compensation Agreements (ICAs)

Who We Are

About Us

ICORE was founded almost 40 years ago, just after Divestiture, to help Independent Telephone Companies (now, ILECs) meet the many challenges of a new, competitive telecommunications environment. Our first mission was to protect many small companies from proposed catastrophic changes to the Average Schedule Formulas, which were a significant revenue source at that time.

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