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Administrative Operating Company Number (AOCN) Services

We serve companies that have signed an agreement with TRA (TruOps Telecom Routing Administration) Group under iconectiv. AOCN companies maintain their own data and/or that of other companies through the Business Integrated Routing and Rating Database system (BIRRDS) that is also maintained by TRA. THE BIRRDS system generates the Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG) and other well established industry files.

The timelines and accuracy of the NPA-NXX Code information being populated into these Databases is critical to the routing of all calls and the generation of proper revenues to your company. Therefore, the selection of a competent and responsible AOCN company is vital to your operations.

ICORE would like to be your AOCN service provider. We have established an excellent working relationship with TRA and have considerable experience and knowledge supporting the routing of calls. In addition to AOCN functions, ICORE can support many other related functions for you, such as:
ICORE will also pursue regulatory issues and concerns should any unique situations arise.

We recognizes that operations and functions of the telephone business vary from company to company. Therefore, a “cookie cutter” approach does not always work. Please contact Chris Ulmer (610-928-3903) or Don Snyder (610-928-3906) to discuss your unique requirements so that we may customize our AOCN Services to meet your needs.

Billing Services

ICORE is fully dedicated to meeting all of your billing and operational needs required by today’s telecommunications industry. We offer a variety of highly personalized billing and operational services, including Carrier Access Billing (CABS), End User Billing and Switch Provisioning, all at a Service Bureau level. Our Total Billing Solutions Suite of software applications will give your company a decided advantage in today’s ever-changing telecom landscape.

CABS Services

ICORE performs CABS and settlements reviews, supports and enhances our OPTICABS software, develops and files access tariffs, and interfaces directly with NECA and IXCs on any number of access issues.

With this background, we are eminently qualified to provide CABS billing on a Service Bureau basis, which we perform for multiple clients.

We can provide CABS billing services more efficiently, more accurately and more economically than the traditional Industry Service Bureau. The proper treatment of every minute, every element, and every rate is essential to each company’s access revenue.

As your CABS Service Bureau, ICORE will make every effort to bill your access charges as completely, accurately and professionally as possible. Please contact Chris Ulmer on 610-928-3903 for further details.

OPTICABS is designed to produce CABS bills efficiently and accurately.  We always remain in full compliance with the industry standards.  This has been proven highly efficient for our integrated electronic billing feature.

With the telephone industry facing continual changes, frequent revisions in both interstate and intrastate access billing arrangements will occur. ICORE continually upgrades our software to accommodate industry changes and is constantly working on applying enhancements to improve our already robust software. OPTICABS is one of the most flexible CABS software programs on the market today.

Please contact Chris Ulmer on 610-928-3903 for further details.

CLEC Planning & Implementation

Incumbent LECs have been afforded a great opportunity to enter new markets, expand their services and increase their revenues. Each and every small, rural telephone company must at least assess the risks and rewards of becoming a CLEC.

Large, lucrative markets, once the sole provinces of Bell and Independent holding companies, are now open to small ILEC products and services. In a world where regulated revenues are threatened at every turn, entry into the CLEC business is one of the best ways for small, rural ILECs to grow and prosper.

ICORE can help, from the initial feasibility studies and pro formas, through the final interconnection agreements and systems changes that will make your CLEC a reality. We will assist with your business plan, the various regulatory hurdles, tariff development, marketing strategies, and all of the other elements that are necessary to launch a successful CLEC business.

We offer a flexible menu of services, because some ILECs will require only guidance and advice, or perhaps assistance with CLEC certification or interconnection agreements. For others, we will provide a full array of services, including legal and regulatory work; the preparation of business/marketing plans; help with financing; partnering with cable TV, electric companies or others; implementation; and operating support.

ICORE firmly believes that the CLEC business represents a tremendous opportunity for most small, rural ILECs. Call or email Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 to learn more about how ICORE can assist you.

Comprehensive Revenue Reviews

ICORE will perform an in-depth review of those area that seriously affect your bottom line. Our review will be tailored to your situation, but will generally include:
Please contact Chris Ulmer (610-928-3903) for more details.

Cost Studies

ICORE performs jurisdictional access and cost separations studies for many clients in several states. Our expertise in FCC Parts 32, 36 and 69, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of NECA practices and procedures, allows us to maximize your revenue requirements.

We also perform cost of service studies, on either a fully allocated or incremental (TELRIC) basis, as well as studies for specialized applications.

Through cost feasibility studies, ICORE can assist average schedule companies in determining their best settlement option. Our feasibility studies include both access and USF costs, and are extremely accurate.

If you are considering a conversion to cost, or have questions regarding your existing cost study, ICORE can help. Please contact Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 for more information.

FCC Reporting Requirements

ICORE can perform the extensive FCC reporting required under current rules and procedures, as well as the new Connect America Fund. We can review your current procedures to make sure that your are compliant with all of the current FCC filing requirements.

Interconnection and Other Contracts/Agreements

ICORE has assisted many clients with Interconnection issues, including Intercarrier Compensation Agreements (ICAs), as well as Lease Agreements and a variety of other company-to-company contracts and agreements. Clearly written ICAs with favorable terms and compensation levels are crucial to ILEC revenue streams, and we have assisted clients from initial negotiations with connecting carriers to production of the final document.

Let us advise and guide you through the entire interconnection process, from the initial IXC request to writing, or helping to write, the final agreement(s).

Local Number Portability Ordering Procedures Guide

Porting telephone numbers can be an administrative burden, especially exchanging Trading Partner Profile (TPP) information with the requesting Carrier. For this specific reason ICORE has created a specialized product called the LNP Ordering Procedures Guide.

Our LNP Ordering Procedure Guide is customized on a per company basis to include all of the necessary information required to satisfy porting rules and regulations. This information includes your company’s operations guidelines (hours of operation, and LSR processing hours), all necessary contact information (trouble administration contacts, operations contacts and testing contacts) as well as all of the necessary ordering forms in a simplified format specifically to be used for Local Numbering Portability. These forms include:
Our guide is designed to streamline your internal LNP process and also to minimize the paperwork necessary to comply with all the FCC LNP requirements.

Please contact Chris Ulmer (610-928-3903) or Don Snyder (610-928-3906) for more details.

Service Order Administration (SOA)

Today, local telephone companies must be prepared for the potential of porting telephone numbers out of their network. One of the most complex and time consuming challenges is to administer the network and porting information for your company in the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) databases. ICORE has simplified this process by creating our SOA Service bureau for interfacing with the NPAC database. Our SOA Service not only alleviates the administrative burden and concerns, but also provides the added security of monitoring the porting activities associated with your exchange(s).

If your company were to perform these functions on your own, the costs associated with the direct interfaces with the NPACs could be significant. By consolidating these functions for many companies, ICORE is able to generate efficiencies that result in lower costs for our SOA customers. ICORE has created several SOA packages for you to choose from. By selecting the option that best fits your needs, you will take a cost effective step in satisfying the FCC’s LNP requirements.

Please keep in mind that in addition to the NPAC administration functions covered in our SOA Service, each telephone company must execute a separate Agreement directly with iconectiv. iconectiv is the company that owns and operates the NPACs databases and Administration Centers under the direction of the FCC. This separate and distinct Agreement is necessary to set up and establish your company in the NPACs and to protect your information in the databases.

ICORE LNP support functions are not limited strictly to the SOA activities. ICORE is always available to assist telephone companies in other related activities such as:
The sign up process for the ICORE SOA Service is simple and quick. Please contact Don Snyder at 610-926-3906 or Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 to discuss your specific LNP needs.

Settlements Administration

ICORE assists many companies with their reporting requirements to NECA, USAC and various state organizations. We carefully review all information before submission, assuring the timeliness and accuracy of interstate average schedule and cost settlements, USF payments, and intrastate revenues.

Our staff has a wealth of knowledge regarding interstate and intrastate settlement procedures. We can assist you with all monthly, quarterly and annual reporting in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Please call Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 to discuss how we might assist you with these requirements.

Tariff Development and Filing

Traffic Sensitive (TS) 61.39 tariff filings based on historic average schedule or cost settlements have been extremely beneficial to many small LECs. Average schedule companies choosing this option retain their average schedule status, and any LEC exiting NECA’s TS Pool can opt back in at the next election date, if conditions change.

Average schedule changes, as well as individual company changes, may make a TS tariff filing advantageous. ICORE has its own TS Tariff on file with the FCC, so we need only develop your company’s specific rates, and then include them in our tariff. This makes the process more efficient, and far less costly.

ICORE also develops and files CLEC and IXC tariffs, as well as assisting ILECs with local and other tariffs. Similar to our ILEC TS tariff, ICORE also has a CLEC tariff which is on file with the FCC. This makes CLEC filings more efficient and cost affective.

Please contact Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 to discuss any of your tariff requirements.

Additional Services