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Comprehensive Revenue

Review Services

ICORE will perform an in-depth review of all areas that seriously affect your bottom line. Our review will be custom-tailored to your situation, but will generally include:

Please contact Chris Ulmer (610-928-3903) for more details.

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FCC Reporting Requirements &


With reporting requirements continuously increasing managing these requirements can be a full time job itself. ICORE can perform many of the extensive FCC reporting that is required under the current FCC rules and procedures. These include but are not limited to:

If you are a company currently on Model Based Support (A-CAM, A-CAMII, EA-CAM) we can also help navigate the confusing terrain so that you remain compliant with all requirements so as to not jeopardize any of your support.

Please contact Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 for assistance with these requirements.

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Interconnection & Other

Contracts & Agreement

ICORE has assisted many clients with Interconnection issues, including Intercarrier Compensation Agreements (ICAs), as well as Lease Agreements and a variety of other company-to-company contracts and agreements. Clearly written ICAs with favorable terms and compensation levels are crucial to an ILEC’s revenue stream. We have assisted clients from the initial negotiations with connecting carriers to production and execution of the final agreements.

Let us advise and easily guide you through the entire interconnection process, from the initial Carrier request through execution of the final agreement(s).

Please contact Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 for more information.

Services 4

Reviewing All Information Before Submission

Settlements Administration

ICORE assists many companies with their reporting requirements to NECA, USAC and various state organizations. We carefully review all information before submission, assuring the timeliness and accuracy of interstate average schedule and cost settlements, USF payments, and intrastate revenues.

Our staff has a wealth of knowledge regarding the interstate and intrastate settlement procedures. We can assist you with all monthly, bi-annual, quarterly and annual reporting in an efficient and economic manner.

Please call Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 to discuss how we might assist you with these requirements.

Services 5

Tariff Development &


Traffic Sensitive (TS) 61.39 tariff filings based on historic average schedule or cost settlements have been extremely beneficial to many small LECs. Average schedule companies choosing this option retain their average schedule status, and any LEC exiting NECA’s TS Pool can opt back in at the next election date, if conditions change.

Average schedule changes, as well as individual company changes, may make a TS tariff filing advantageous. ICORE has its own TS Tariff on file with the FCC, so we need only develop your company’s specific rates, and then include them in our tariff. This makes the process more efficient, and far less costly.

ICORE also develops and files CLEC and IXC tariffs, as well as assisting ILECs with local and other tariffs. Similar to our ILEC TS tariff, ICORE also has a CLEC tariff which is on file with the FCC. This makes CLEC filings more efficient and cost affective.

Please contact Tina Bobbyn at 610-928-3918 to discuss any of your tariff requirements.

Services 6

Legacy/Model Based

Support & Compliance

Whether you are a Legacy Support company or Model Based Support company (A-CAM, A-CAM II, EA-CAM) ICORE is here to help navigate the complex rules and requirements to make sure you do not jeopardize your support.

Interpreting and assessing the FCC rules and notifications of additional offers is extremely important to each individual company’s needs. Any mistake or oversight could be very costly.

ICORE can assist in managing your specific milestone requirements to provide a level of comfort that nothing will slip through the cracks.

Please call Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 to discuss how we might assist you.

Services 7

Reassigned Numbers Database

RND Services

All carriers – wireline, wireless, and interconnected VoIP providers – that receive numbering resources from the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA), or another telecommunications carrier are required to track and report permanently disconnected telephone numbers every month with the last date of permanent disconnection to the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND). The RND Database is operated and maintained by SomosGov, Inc.

The purpose of the RND is to establish a database of phone numbers that have been permanently disconnected and possibly reassigned and hopefully prevent consumers from receiving unwanted calls intended for someone who previously held their number. Callers, such as pharmacies and financial institutions, will be able to verify, before calling a number, whether it’s been permanently disconnected and therefore should not be called.

ICORE has a direct interface with the RND Database and can submit the Monthly Disconnect Reports (due on the 15th of every month) on behalf of Service Providers.

Please contact Don Snyder at 610-928-3906.

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