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Carrier Access Billing

CABS Services

ICORE performs CABS reviews, fully supports and constantly enhances our ICORE Integrated Billing System (IIBS™) software, develops and files access tariffs, and interfaces directly with NECA and IXCs on any number of access issues.

We are extremely qualified to provide Carrier Access Billing (CABS) on a full Service Bureau basis. We can provide CABS billing services more efficiently, more accurately, and more economically than the traditional Industry Service Bureau. The proper treatment of every minute, every element, and every rate is essential to each company’s access revenue and, in turn, vital to each company’s bottom line.

As your CABS Service Bureau, ICORE will bill your access charges as completely, accurately, and professionally as possible. Please contact Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 for further details. IIBS™ is constantly upgraded to remain in full compliance with all industry standards.

With the constant changes in the Telecom Industry, frequent revisions in both interstate and intrastate access billing arrangements are unavoidable. ICORE continually upgrades our software to accommodate industry changes and is constantly working on applying enhancements to improve our already robust and complete software. IIBS™ is one of the most flexible software programs on the market today.

Please contact Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 for further details.