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Carrier Access Billing

CABS Services

ICORE performs Carrier Access Billing (CABS) on a full Service Bureau basis for FGD, Reciprocal Compensation and Wireless Access Billing.  We can provide these services more efficiently, more accurately, and more economically than the traditional Industry Service Bureau.  The proper treatment of every minute, every element, and every rate is essential to each company’s access revenue and, in turn, vital to each company’s bottom line.

In conjunction with processing and creating CABS invoices ICORE’s Integrated Billing System (IIBS™) can generate customized reports in order to make monthly reporting and record keeping far easier and more accurate.  ICORE offers collections services from Carriers for CABS billings, alleviating unnecessary accounting burdens.  ICORE is also well equipped to handle any Carrier disputes and resolve them in an expedited manner.

As your CABS Service Bureau, ICORE will bill (and collect if chosen) your access charges as complete, accurate and professionally as possible.  Our home-grown IIBS™ platform is constantly upgraded to remain in full compliance with all Industry Standards.  With constant changes in the Telecom Industry frequent revisions in both interstate and intrastate access billing arrangements are unavoidable.  ICORE continually implements the latest required changes and enhancements to improve our already robust software.  IIBS™ is one of the most flexible software applications in the market today.

Please contact Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 for further details and a no obligation free quote.

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ICORE performs full service End User Billing through our home-grown ICORE Integrated Billing Software (IIBS™).  We can integrate with any switch for accurate and efficient processing… from acquiring CDRs, accurately rating and billing all toll and taxes, to our total fulfillment of printing, stuffing, and mailing (digitally or via USPS) ICORE takes immense pride in our software and services.  We also provide dual level security to protect your customer data and fully comply with CPNI. 

IIBS™ was designed to streamline the End User billing process and provide an extremely user-friendly environment for all Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) remoting into the software to drastically reduce processing and billing times.  Credit card and ACH payments can be made with ease.  Many useful and fully customizable reports are available to all CSRs including Billed Details, Toll Details and Recent Transactions, along with the ability to limit access within our system, on a CSR level, to all modules within IIBS™.  Some other areas of highlight in IIBS™ are:

IIBS™ can integrate seamlessly into any accounting software you may have.  We pride ourselves on the accuracy, efficiency, and response time of our product.  We have constructed IIBS™ to be able to assist in the generation of many of the overwhelming FCC requirements of today.  Some examples of these are:

We know that many companies remain with their current Vendor because of the fear of the transition to a new platform.  This should no longer be a deciding factor for you to select a Vendor that places your time and needs first.  ICORE has developed a transition method that has produced much success and gratitude from our clients.  The economic pricing, care, and attention we provide to our clients is unmatched.  Please contact Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 to discuss further details and schedule a free demo of IIBS™.  ICORE is looking forward to becoming the last End User Vendor you will ever need.