Local Number Portability Ordering Procedures Guide 1

Local Number Portability Ordering

Procedures Guide

Porting telephone numbers can be an administrative burden, especially exchanging Trading Partner Profile (TPP) information with the requesting Carrier. For this specific reason, ICORE has created a specialized product called the LNP Ordering Procedures Guide.

Our LNP Ordering Procedure Guide is customized on a per-company basis to include all of the necessary information required to satisfy porting rules and regulations. This information includes your company’s operations guidelines (hours of operation, and LSR processing hours), all necessary contact information (trouble administration contacts, operations contacts, and testing contacts) as well as all of the necessary ordering forms in a simplified format specifically to be used for Local Numbering Portability. These forms include:

Our guide is designed to streamline your internal LNP process and also to minimize the paperwork necessary to comply with all the FCC LNP requirements.

Please contact Chris Ulmer (610-928-3903) or Don Snyder (610-928-3906) for more details.