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Service Order Administration

SOA Services

Today, local telephone companies must be prepared for the potential of porting telephone numbers out of their network. One of the most complex and time-consuming challenges is to administer the network and port information for your company in the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) databases. ICORE has simplified this process by creating our SOA Service Bureau for interfacing with the NPAC database. Our SOA Service not only alleviates the administrative burden and concerns but also provides the added security of monitoring the porting activities associated with your exchange(s).

If your company were to perform these functions on your own, the costs associated with the direct interfaces with the NPACs could be significant. By consolidating these functions for many companies, ICORE can generate efficiencies that result in lower costs for our SOA customers. ICORE has created several SOA packages for you to choose from. By selecting the option that best fits your needs, you will take a cost-effective step in satisfying the FCC’s LNP requirements.

Please keep in mind that in addition to the NPAC administration functions covered in our SOA Service, each telephone company must execute a separate Agreement directly with Iconectiv.

Iconectiv is the company that owns and operates the NPACs databases and Administration Centers under the direction of the FCC. This separate and distinct Agreement is necessary to set up and establish your company in the NPACs and to protect your information in the databases.

ICORE LNP support functions are not limited strictly to SOA activities. ICORE is always available to assist telephone companies in other related activities such as:

The sign-up process for the ICORE SOA Service is simple and quick. Please contact Don Snyder at 610-926-3906 or Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 to discuss your specific LNP needs.