FCC Comments Filings 1


FCC Comments Filings

The Federal Communication Commission is involved in regulatory activities that are critically important to the Telecom industry. Through the years, ICORE has filed comments and petitions with the FCC on average schedules, USF, access charges, ETC status, intercarrier compensation, VoIP, Intercarrier Compensation Reform, and other crucial issues. We have represented hundreds of small companies with a clear, strong voice.

The FCC has recently issued a comprehensive order that will change forever the policies and procedures governing Universal Service, High-Cost Support, Local Rates, Intercarrier Competition, and the relationship between voice and broadband services. ICORE has commented on this preceding and helped afflicted rural LECs and others assess its impact.

The FCC currently has before it several other issues of extreme importance to small ILECs. We will attempt to keep you well informed on these matters and, when they are designated for comment, provide you the opportunity to join in our filings. Participation in ICORE filings provides small ILECs with both high-quality and affordable input into the FCC process. Click on any of the topics below to access our recent comments filings.

As always, if there are any issues of great importance to you and your company, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Ulmer at 610-928-3903 to discuss them further.