Farewell, Chairman Pai

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With the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States, we will have a Democrat-controlled FCC, comprised of a Chairman chosen by the new President and a 3-2 majority of Commissioners. Current Chairman Ajit Pai has submitted his resignation after leading the Commission since 2017.

He has led the FCC through a very important period, spearheading the move of broadband providers back to lighter touch information services regulation, from their more stringent telecommunications regulatory status. While controversial, the Restoring Internet Freedom Order led to far higher broadband investment, and a closing – although not an end — of the digital divide.

We believe that RLECs also fared well under Mr. Pai’s Chairmanship, particularly considering that their historic universal service obligations often seem at odds with an increasingly competitive communications industry. We hope that the new FCC does as well with the balancing act required when long-standing tradition meets fast-moving transition.

At any rate, we thank Chairman Pai for a job well done, and wish him continued success in his future endeavors.