ICORE Announces IIBS

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We are extremely pleased to introduce our new ICORE Integrated Billing System™ (IIBS). IIBS features our very successful and long-standing Carrier Access Billing System paired with our newly developed user friendly End User Billing Program. We are currently in final testing, with plans to make IIBS available shortly.

With IIBS, we are now able to offer a combined, one stop process – accurate, professional, and competitively priced – for both your carrier and end user billing needs.

As you know, ICORE has served ILECs and other carriers for over thirty-five years, providing intercarrier agreements, tariff development and filing, cost separations and settlements, average schedule functions, revenues requirements analyses, AOCN and other code/number administration, regulatory relations, and a wide variety of other services.

We have always been totally dedicated to helping small carriers with the ever-changing, increasingly complex and competitive telecommunications environment.

Our new IIBS is one more robust service that we are proud to offer. If you are interested in one stop, state-of-the-art billing for both carriers and end users, please contact us on 610-928-3944 for further information about our ICORE Integrated Billing System™.