Additional Funding Authorized Through RDOF Program

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The Federal Communications Commission has approved another $554 million in a third round of funding through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. This action brings a total of more than $1 billion to winning bidders for broadband deployment in rural areas of the U.S.

This latest round of funding will allow 11 more providers to bring fiber-to-the-home, gigabit broadband service to over 180,000 locations in 19 states.

Coupled with its roughly $2.4 billion in Emergency Connectivity Fund authorizations over the past few months, the FCC has just made an additional $3.4 billion available for broadband networks and services in poorer and less technologically advanced portions of both urban and rural America.

This FCC, headed by Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, has done a great job of bringing broadband to areas of our country that need it most

The Digital Divide is closing rapidly, thanks in large part to a strong push from the FCC.