Average Schedule Settlements Reduced, Again

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While the deceases are not major, NECA’s proposed 2017 Interim Modification of Average Schedules and 2018 Further Modification of Average Schedules represent a further reduction in settlements for some of the nation’s smallest RLECs.

The proposed changes reflect the recently enacted federal Tax Cut and Jobs Act, and decrease overall current and proposed settlements by about .5%

Back when ICORE’s founder, Jan Reimers, was leading the Independent side for average schedule development at both USITA and NECA, these kinds of occurrences were not included in the average schedule building process. We now live in far more sophisticated times.

It seems that these days, with the proposed 2018 average schedule modifications already significantly cutting settlements of a large number of companies – those with settlement rate decreases and declining demand — NECA never misses an opportunity to chip away at small company revenue.