Back to the Future?

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ICORE began its corporate life as a small, upstart consulting firm trying to prevent NECA from introducing new, revenue-reducing interstate average schedules. NECA felt that a number of small, high toll volume “independents” were being over-compensated by the schedules in effect in 1985.

In a few cases, toll traffic was being purposely stimulated to take advantage of those schedules. In many others, however, toll traffic was the normal result of the affected small carrier serving a ski resort, a national park, or other high-volume venue. These companies’ toll costs were being fairly and equitably compensated by the schedules then in place.

NECA’s proposed revisions, unfortunately, produced indiscriminate and significant interstate revenue losses for many companies that were in no way deserving of such decreases. Through our efforts before the FCC, we were able to effect delays in initial implementation, as well as winning a long transition to the new traffic sensitive schedules. This allowed companies to adjust gradually to the revenue reductions, avoiding NECA’S proposed arbitrary, hard flash cut.

Over the next thirty-plus years, we have continued to fight similar battles involving NECA, the FCC, state commissions and large telecommunications carriers. We have won our share, and have performed many other valuable services which have increased our clients’ revenue and solved their problems.

With small, rural ILEC revenue being squeezed again, by a battery of CAF, USF, A-CAM, Bill and Keep, and other regulatory actions, it may be time to again take up the fight on behalf of a group of small companies. Who knows?