With A-CAM Deadline Looming, FCC Issues Comparison of Deployment Obligations

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The deadline for choosing A-CAM vs. legacy interstate universal service settlements is fast approaching. Per FCC edict, you have until November 1, 2016 to make this crucial decision. Now, on October 20 – with just days remaining – the FCC has posted a comparison of build-out obligations for carriers choosing A-CAM model-based support vs. those remaining on legacy universal service mechanisms acam_231_summary_cafbls_oblig_102016_final.

This first time, side-by-side comparison of deployment obligations provides a clearer picture of your requirements, and may affect your decision as to which form of support you will choose.

If you are still uncertain about your choice, ICORE can help. Call Chris Ulmer, 610-928-3903, or email culmer@icorellc.com for assistance.