Initial Milestones Set for EBB Program

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The FCC, in Public Notice DA 21-265, Released March 4, 2021, has announced basic dates and general information for the start of the recently enacted Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.

Eligible Telecommunications Carriers (ETCs) and their affiliates in their designated states or territories can elect to participate by filing the appropriate information with USAC. They do not have to request permission from the FCC. USAC’s Provider Election Notice Inbox opens March 11, 2021.

All other broadband providers – non-ETCs – are required to seek permission from the FCC. In addition, any provider asking to use an alternative verification process to determine household eligibility must get FCC approval. The Non-ETC Provider Applications and Alternative Eligibility Verification Process Portal has opened as of March 8, 2021.

The FCC has acted very quickly to implement this process. We would urge any provider interested in participating in the EBB Program to do the same.