Reassigned Numbers Database (RND)

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The FCC released an Order December 2018 to address unwanted Robocalls. The Order established the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND). The RND Database will contain an inventory of the most recent date of telephone numbers that have been permanently disconnected from service.

Users of this Database can determine if a specific telephone number has been permanently disconnected to avoid unwanted telephone calls to numbers that have been disconnected and reassigned to another customer. When a user of the Database, queries a telephone number with a date, the Database will provide a response of “yes”, “no”, or “no data”. The user can use this response to determine whether the number has been reassigned (or more accurately, permanently disconnected) since the date specified in the query.

Service Providers need to start maintaining records on a monthly basis of permanently disconnected telephone numbers, along with the most recent disconnection date, beginning 7/27/2020.  This maintenance should continue until the database is fully up and functioning to receive monthly updates (due the 15th of each month).  Small Service Providers have until 1/27/2021 to comply with maintaining and reporting data. Small Service Providers are defined as having 100,000 or fewer retail subscriber lines, based on most recent Form 477.

The FCC has also defined the Aging Rules as follows:

  • Residential Telephone Numbers: No less than 45 days and no more than 90 days
  • Business Telephone Numbers: No less than 45 days and no more than 365 days

Uploading data into the Database will begin once the Database is up and running.  This date is TBD.

Here is the link to the full FCC Public Notice on this matter:

ICORE Consulting will be offering our services to assist with the maintaining and reporting of monthly updates on behalf of Small Service Providers. More information will be able on this service once the Interface details to the Database are set up and operational.

If you are interested in having ICORE assist you with this new requirement please contact Don Snyder (  /  610-928-3906) for further information.