Wireline Competition Bureau Announces Opening of Robocall Mitigation Database

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In Public Notice DA 21-454, released April 20, 2021, the WCB announced the immediate opening of its Robocall Mitigation Database, provided detailed instructions, and established a June 30, 2021 deadline for voice service providers to submit all required information to the database.

Previous FCC rulings in this matter directed all voice service providers to file certifications with the Commission regarding their detailed efforts to stem the origination of illegal robocalls on their networks. In addition, the Commission directed voice service providers to submit contact and identification information when filing their certification.

The current Public Notice now requires all such certifications, identification information and contact information to be submitted to the Commission on or before June 30, 2021.

ICORE is very familiar with the details of this order, meaning that we can assist you with all preparation and filing details of the required certifications.