ACAM II Offer Available – ICORE Can Assist Legacy Carriers with This Important Decision

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The FCC has just issued a key Public Notice, which contains details on its previous order announcing an ACAM II offer to legacy carriers. (See our blog of January 17, 2019.) The notice provides links to company-specific support, along with their related deployment obligations.

Carriers are required to make their irrevocable election to choose ACAM II, or remain on legacy support, by June 17, 2019. Those electing ACAM II have the further option of moving certain BDS offerings to incentive regulation as well.

Time is short to make this important decision on a significant element of your revenue stream. ICORE can assist you with understanding the ACAM II offer and its implications, as well as providing analyses of support levels and deployment obligations.

Contact Chris Ulmer on 610-928-3903 ( to discuss how we might help with this decision.