Effective Date Established for Key USF Reform (ACAM) Report and Order

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The FCC’s December, 2018 Order offering new ACAM options to RLECs becomes effective March 21st, 2019.
First, the order makes an increased funding offer to existing ACAM carriers (ACAM I) for building out additional locations at 25/3 Mbps. Second, carriers currently receiving legacy support will have the option of moving to a new ACAM model (ACAM II) in return for meeting specific 25/3 Mbps build-out obligations. Third, the FCC will provide a significantly increased budget to RoR carriers that choose to remain on legacy support.
For those legacy carriers opting to convert to ACAM II, deployment obligations are as follows:
For carriers with 25/3 Mbps less than 20%, 35% of CAF BLS must be used for deployment.
For carriers with 25/3 Mbps between 20% and 40%, 25% of CAF BLS must be used for deployment.
For carriers with 25/3 Mbps at 40% or greater, 20% of CAF BLS must be used for deployment.
Similarly, a Public Notice will be issued with support amounts and deployment obligations for those legacy RoR carriers electing ACAM II. Legacy carriers will have 45 days to make their irrevocable election.
ICORE can assist you with all aspects of this order, from understanding its provisions, through tariff and pooling provisions, revenue projections and implementation details.
Please call or email Chris Ulmer on 610-928-3903 (culmer@icorellc.com) to discuss how we may help you with this very important decision.