Broadband Labels/Affordable Connectivity Plan Updates

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In this issue of the ICORE Blog we provide updates relative to two issues that have been previously addressed on this site:

* Broadband Consumer Labels – Effective April 10, 2024, large ISPs (greater than 100,000 subscribers) offering standalone broadband internet access service must now display consumer-friendly labels at the point of sale. ISPs with fewer than 100,000 subscribers must comply with the label requirements by October 10, 2024. This issue has been discussed on this site on several occasions in past editions of the ICORE Blog (2/10/23, 3/3/23, 3/31/23, and 10/12/23). Labels are required for all standalone home or fixed internet service plans and must be displayed in close proximity to an associated plan’s advertisement. Information required to be displayed include;

* Broadband prices

* Introductory rate details

* Data allowances

* Broadband speeds

* Links to info regarding discounts or service bundles, network management practices, and privacy policies

* Affordable Connectivity Plan (ACP) Wind-Down – In the 3/31/24 issue of the ICORE Blog we discussed the wind-down of the ACP. We reported that April 2024 would be the last month that ACP participating providers would receive full reimbursement for the discounts provided and that only partial reimbursement would be available for May 2024. Participation in the program for May,2024 is optional and we included the estimated range of reimbursement provided by the FCC for each ACP benefit type. On April 9, 2024 the FCC issued a Public Notice providing the maximum reimbursement amounts that will be available to providers that elect to participate in program for May 2024. The reimbursement amounts are as follows:

* Non-Tribal Service Benefit – $14 (the full ACP reimbursement amount was up to $30)

* Tribal Service Benefit – $35 (the full ACP reimbursement amount was up to $75)

* ACP Device Benefit – $47 (the full ACP reimbursement amount was up to $100)

The 3/31/24 ICORE Blog also provides additional information and required action steps for providers wishing to participate in the ACP program for May 2024.

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