Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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We are about to end one of the most difficult and turbulent years in United States history. A vicious and deadly pandemic, violence and destruction in our major cities, and a bitter and contentious presidential election have combined to make 2020 a year like no other.

But as Christmas approaches and a new, fresh 2021 is about to dawn, we should all do our utmost to make things better. It will not be easy, but vaccines should begin to bring COVID under control, our cities are beginning to calm, and a new president – whether we agree or not – will occupy the White House.

As citizens of the greatest country in history, we can all do our small part to help heal America’s substantial wounds. We can be understanding of opposing views, kind and patient toward others with whom we disagree, and optimistic about the future. We can promote and believe in the goodness and justice of our great land, and the unlimited possibilities for our future.

During and after this Christmas season, we Christians should be accepting of the religious views – or non-views — of others. We should be thankful to have that choice. We should show mercy and compassion to those less fortunate than ourselves. In other words, we should do everything we possibly can to make the coming new year much better than the old.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our readers, clients and friends. May you have peace and love throughout this wonderful and blessed time of year.