New Suggestions Offered for ACAM and CAF-BLS Support

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NTCA has offered a set of recommendations for A-CAM and interested CAF-BLS recipients to receive enhanced support. These carriers would claim such support from the revised formula and extended support term proposed by the A-CAM Broadband Coalition.

To receive this level of support, the adopting carriers would be required to deliver 100/20 Mbps broadband speeds to a minimum of 90% of eligible locations as recommended by the coalition. In addition, the plan would recalibrate the annual budget at the current level of demand as a baseline for support, change the $200 per line cap to $250 per month, and apply a forward-looking inflationary factor.

This seems like a reasonable set of recommendations to move small, rural companies forward, and to bring advanced services to underserved rural, isolated, and poorer areas of our country.

We believe NTCA has become the most powerful voice ln the industry on behalf of small telecommunications providers and their customers. NTCA continually petitions the FCC and others to pave the way for small carriers to move telecommunications forward in many of the most neglected parts of the nation.

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