Rosenworcel Responds to Congress on Rural Broadband Issues

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The FCC Chairwoman recently responded to Senators and House members on separate letters regarding FCC actions on RDOF auctions and proposed changes to the E-rate competitive bidding process.

She wrote a letter to seven Senators who had expressed concern with the RDOF auction review process.  The Chairwoman said that bids from successful applicants were subjected to rigorous technical, financial and legal review. Letters were sent to 197 bidders seeking additional due diligence, and about 5,000 census blocks were removed from the program. Additionally, every bidder that won a preliminary commitment was required to secure status as an ETC.

Chairwoman Rosenworcel also sent letters to four House members in response to their letter that proposed changes to the E-Rate competitive bidding process. She told them that the FCC had already begun a rulemaking to consider improvements to the process.  Ms. Rosenworcel also said funding has been authorized to support off campus learning.

The FCC appears to be doing a very good job of bringing broadband to rural and other unserved and underserved areas of the U.S.

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