USTelecom-Offers Long Term USF Solutions to the FCC

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USTelecom—The Broadband Association recently offered a variety of long term, common sense proposals to the FCC. It said, in summary, that:

USF is now, and will remain, necessary for the long term future.

The existing contribution system is not sustainable and should be substantially broadened in order to stabilize the program.

Certainty must be provided on where support will be available to cover network costs over the long term.

Service providers must be removed from the middle of Lifeline, E-Rate and Rural Health Care programs to allow USF to flow directly to the entity or consumer requiring support.

Greater clarity must be provided on the availability of USF for disaster relief.

A review and assessment of other FCC rules should be undertaken, due to the changing nature of USF and federal broadband funding programs.

This appears to be a good set of proposals to safeguard the much needed USF assistance for small carriers over the long term.

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