Democrat Congress to Chairman Pai: Stop All Important Work Now!

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In a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai (and separately to the FTC), Congressional Democrat leaders have requested that the Commission immediately cease all but “consensus and administrative matters that are non-partisan for the remainder of your tenure.”

In other words, shuffle papers and clean out your desk, because, according to their letter, “with the results of the 2020 presidential election now apparent, leadership…will undoubtedly be changing.” With recounts, lawsuits, claims of voter fraud, and other controversies surrounding this election – causing President Trump’s refusal to concede – asking the FCC to twiddle its thumbs in the interim may be premature.

Regardless of certified, final election results, Republicans will control the White House – and the FCC – until January 20, 2021. Should they really put every important and time-sensitive item on hold for the next two plus months, serving just three years and ten months of their four-year term? At any rate, it is difficult to imagine the Commission making any monumentally controversial decisions over that short time period.

We understand the Democrat request, which is standard operating procedure. And if Joe Biden is inaugurated as our next president, his FCC should also have at least four full years to implement its policies.